The Service Coordinator on Duty (SCOD) is responsible for chairing and minuting the operations meeting held every week, usually on Mondays at 15.00 CE(S)T, to record and discuss operational matters arising in the WLCG infrastructure. The SCOD should also follow up when there appears to be insufficient progress concerning an important issue reported at the meeting.

The meetings take place at CERN in room 513-R-068 and can be joined remotely using the Vidyo system. Check the instructions to join here.

People attending the meeting are:

  • All LHC experiments, expected in particular to report about operational issues
  • All T1s, expected to announce scheduled downtimes, future interventions, status of pending middleware upgrades, service outages, etc.
  • Central services at CERN, expected to report like the T1s:
    • Computing
    • Storage
    • Databases
    • User Support
    • Middeware Officer
    • Networks
    • Security

Reports can be e-mailed to or written directly in the minutes twiki that can be found below.


SCOD rota

Useful links for SCOD

SCOD may want to check the following tools to find out more details of the items reported during the meeting:

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