Operations Coordination Team


This group is the core operations and deployment coordination team and manages ongoing operational issues as well as new deployments in the WLCG infrastructure. 


The goal is to ensure a smooth operation of the WLCG infrastructure by:

  • Scheduling, chairing and minuting monthly coordination meetings
  • Identifying issues which require attention reporting them to the WLCG Management Board if necessary
  • Creating new working groups (WG) and task forces (TF) and their mandates to address particular operational issues
  • Monitor the WG and TF progress
  • Managing the Service Coordinator on Duty (SCOD) rota for Monday's meetings every week
  • Preparing summary material to support management decision-making
  • Evolving WLCG Operations processess to improve their effectiveness

Composition    [ this list may be out of date ]

  • Monthly Meeting Chairs: J. Andreeva, J. Flix, A. Forti, M. Litmaath
  • Experiment representatives: M. Litmaath (ALICE), N. Ozturk (ATLAS), A. Di Girolamo (ATLAS), C. Wissing (CMS), A. McNab (LHCb), S. Roiser (LHCb)
  • Site/region representatives: J. Coles (GridPP), A. Forti (UK), C.Biscarat (France), A.Doria (Italy), M. Sgaravatto (Italy), R. Santana (ROC-LA), J. E. Sundermann (Germany), Isidro Gonzalez (Spain), Javier Sanchez (Spain)
  • Tier-1 representatives: M. Fischer (KIT), L. Dell'Agnello (CNAF), J. Flix (PIC), I. Collier (RAL)
  • Infrastructure projects: P. Solagna (EGI), R. Quick (OSG), Tim Cartwright (OSG)
  • Frontier contacts: John Artieda (CMS), Alastair Dewhurst (ATLAS), Luis Emiro Linares Garcia (CMS)


  1. Meetings and minutes: Monthly WLCG Operations Coordination Meetings agendas and minutes
  2. WLCG Service Incident Reports: List of Service Incident Reports (SIRs). SIR describe serious incidents affecting services at a site. These reports are done only on demand when requested by the operations team to the concerned site. The SIRs are included in the WLCG quarterly reports.
  3. WLCG Critical Services: List of services at T0, T1 and T2 considered critical by the experiments.
  4. Operations reports: Check each of the following Indico categories to find the relevant slides.
  5. Internal Planning 

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