WLCG Information System Evolution

Mandate & Goals

In the scope of WLCG Operations Coordination, the WLCG Information System Evolution Task Force will pursue this objectives:

  • Short term goals:
    • Fix existing issues in REBUS. REBUS is the Resource, Balance and Usage website for the whole of WLCG project, including topology information, resource pledges, and installed capacities. It is the authoritative source of information for WLCG and for this reason information published there should be correct and consistent so that users can trust it.
  • Long term goals:
    • identify the existing use cases of the current WLCG Information System with experiments and other activities within WLCG like monitoring or accounting
    • define the architecture of the new WLCG Information System deciding how the different types of information need to be provided. Is there a need for a service registry for static information? could we consider messaging to retrieve dynamic information? what about mutable information?
    • identify the list of requirements for the new WLCG Information System
    • identify with OSG, EGI and NDGF which services providing information about their resources will be supported
    • identify the authoritative sources of information for the WLCG Information System. This could rely on the information services provided by OSG, EGI and NDGF or rely on manual methods (like T1s installed capacities in REBUS). In summary, it has to be decided how WLCG wants to collect the needed information to meet the existing use cases so that the information is guaranteed to be correct
    • plan the implementation of a new WLCG Information System that integrates the information from OSG, EGI and NDGF, providing the information needed by the defined use cases
    • plan the transition from the current to the new WLCG Information System


All members of the task force can be contacted at Infosys-discuss@cernSPAMNOTSPAMNOT.ch

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