Machine/Job Features

Mandate and Goals

Machine/Job features are a means to provide information from a resource provider (batch system, IaaS) to the payload. This information can be static (eg. power of the machine, number of cores, local scratch space) or dynamic (eg. shutdown time of a VM). Use cases cover areas such as

  • Provide a shutdown time for a virtual machine
  • Provide number of cores available to a payload
  • Provide how much work can be executed within a remaining queue
  • Provide information on the disk space available for local usage by the job

The Scope of this task force is divided into several subsequent steps

  • Check the completeness of the proposal for machine/job features
  • Coordinate implementations used in WLCG and an interface for its usage to the VOs
  • Provide means to monitor the correctness of the provided information
  • Plan and execute the deployment of those implementations at all WLCG resources

The context of this task force are WLCG resource providers in both batch and virtualized environments for compute intensive data processing activities and all LHC VOs interested in using the information provided.


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