IPv6 validation and deployment

Mandate and Goals

The imminent exhaustion of the IPv4 address space will eventually require to migrate the WLCG services to an IPv6 infrastructure, with a timeline heavily dependent on the needs of individual sites. For this reason the HEPiX IPv6 Working Group was created in April 2011 having this mandate.

The WLCG Operations Coordination and Commissioning Team has established an IPv6 Task Force to establish a close collaboration with the HEPiX IPv6 WG on these aspects (listed in chronological order):

  • Define realistic IPv6 deployment scenarios for experiments and sites
  • Maintain a complete list of clients, experiment services and middleware used by the LHC experiments and WLCG
  • Identify contacts for each of the above and form a team of people to run tests
  • Define readiness criteria and coordinate testing according to the most relevant use cases
  • Recommend viable deployment scenarios




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